Albania: All roads lead to Vjosa

Waters from Pindus, Nemërçkë and Gribe Mountains lead to Vjosa. Shepherd and fishermen tracks lead to Vjosa. Otters, kingfishers, eels and hundred of other rare species lead to Vjosa. Rafting, canyoning, climbing, hiking and biking tourists lead to Vjosa. The roads of Olsi Nika and Ulrich Eichelmann, activists in the campaign Save the Blue Heart of Europe, also lead to Vjosa. Because in Albania all roads lead to the last pristine river in Europe. Vjosa is a key area in this campaign aiming to preserve the most valuable rivers in the Balkan Peninsula from destruction.

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Albania: “I don’t want Gjipe to become a place I cannot afford to visit.”


105 km from the Greek border, 212 km from Tirana, 72 km from Vlorë and additional 2 km of dirt road you need in order to reach an almost pristine place known as Gjipe Beach at the Albanian seacoast. The difficult approach makes this two hundred meters of sand hidden between the vertical cliffs of a canyon, a place mostly visited by rock-climbers, bikers, fishermen and more adventurous tourists. 

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